Successfully Marketing Medical Devices with Healthcare in Transition

Massive changes in healthcare have forced medical device makers to embrace new ways of marketing and selling their products. There was a time when surgeons and clinical staff were the only decision-makers that mattered. Not so today.

As veteran medical device marketers, the SFA Medical team is acutely aware of the changing dynamics in healthcare, and the importance of messaging to entirely new audiences. Decisions are now made by committee, with group purchasing organizations comprised of clinical, procurement, quality assurance and other key stakeholders. We know from experience how to define and communicate your unique value proposition to these constituencies.

SFA’s expertise in medical device marketing grew from our fascination with technology and science. Though we employ strategies refined in our B2B practice, we are also keenly aware of the particular constraints inherent in marketing medical devices – from staying true to FDA claims, to leveraging KOL engagements, and developing supply chain messaging that wins contracts now.